Friday, February 05, 2010

A Brief Introduction

My name is Jason Welle, SJ. I’m a Jesuit scholastic—a Jesuit who’s recently professed vows and is now in studies—from the Oregon Province, but currently studying philosophy at Fordham University in Bronx, New York. I want to thank Ryan Duns, SJ for inviting me to participate in the Jesuit Recipes blog. I hope to give this blog a breath of fresh air, a bit of revitalization after a long silence.

I greatly enjoy cooking. I think that good food can be a wonderful gift to a friend, a true labor of love that your company enjoys immediately. A sit-down dinner can allow for relaxed conversations, friendships to be built, and families and communities to bond.

A good meal can’t be rushed through—not in the preparation, and not in eating. It needs time. It requires you to slow down, to think about what you’re doing, and to enjoy the moment. Many of us need that in our lives, but many don't take advantage of it.

I also think a lot about how food is used in our world; not just for bonding and entertainment, but also for business and in politics, and how it affects various groups of people like farmers and people in developing nations. I hope that this blog will be a place where I can share some thoughts, invite a charitable conversation, and encourage others to consider how food has a broader affect in the world than simply filling our stomachs.

I expect that this will be a low volume blog. I'll maybe post once or twice a week. If you have some great recipes, feel free to share them.

Thank you for visiting. Please check back again soon.

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